The No Udder Protein Bar is Here!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new protein bar in two delicious flavors.


Dairy & Soy Free Protein Powder

• Free of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Lactose, and Other Common Allergens
• NON-GMO, No Fructose, No Sucralose
• Medium Chain Triglycerides, BCAAs and 4-7g of Fiber
• L-Glutamine for Athlete Performance and Recovery


No Udder Kickoff

EFFECTIVE ENERGY: No Udder Kickoff provides safe, simple fuel for your body's energy production, and our formula may be absorbed more slowly and stay in your system longer than regular caffeine, allowing your energy to last longer.

Your Favorite Protein Just Got Boosted!

Taste & Texture: Chalk was meant for your grip during a workout; it has no place in your protein shake! Smooth, easy to blend, creamy & delicious. That’s what we’ve got for you here.

Non-GMO: We’re fans of science… just not when it comes to messing with the genetics of our food. We’re keeping things clean so you can train dirty.

Easy to Digest: There are plenty of things in life that makes stomachs rumble: first date butterflies, hunger pangs and roller coasters. Our protein won’t be one of them. Our formula also contains plant derived enzymes to aid in digestion.

Gluten Free: Whether you’re choosing to live a gluten-free lifestyle for reasons of sensitivity or simply for your health, No Udder will fit into your that plan. We keep the gluten out so you can dig in.


SIMPLE SCIENCE: By using simple water extraction, the nutritional qualities remain fully intact, making it the ideal post-workout supplement without the additional synthetics and fillers found in some other protein powders. No Udder Protein has used science to create the perfect balance of clean protein and enzymes, giving you the ability to maximize your workout.


A self-declared “health nut”, I wanted to offer the best alternative to the most popular dairy and soy-based protein on the market.

While quality, taste and texture were of the utmost importance, so was keeping production in my home state of Florida. With some brainstorming and research, No Udder Protein was discovered in 2013.

We are filled with pride for our product, and humbled to be on this journey, helping to refuel people so they can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

All The Best,

Dr. Steve Muscari


“As a Dietitian, it is hard to find a quality and tasteful vegetarian protein powder to recommend to my clients. No Udder Protein has the perfect amount of protein and carbohydrates for a healthy, well balanced snack or meal. I love it with a scoop of almond butter, some berries and spinach! So happy to have finally found a great product to use everyday.”
Lauren G. RDN, MS, LD/N


“No Udder Protein is an excellent alternative to dairy-based protein, especially for lactose intolerant individuals or those who have milk allergies. It has been a staple in my practice as well as in my household. The flavor and texture exceed my expectations. I also rely on it for workout recovery and getting through a busy day at the office.”
Dudley Brown, M.D



Though our name and logo reflect our fun-loving side, we take the quality of our product as seriously as our customers take their health. No Udder Protein is produced in a facility that places an emphasis on strict quality standards, thorough inspection of products and rigorous testing to ensure that the product you get is always first-rate.