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Clean Science!  In recent years, awareness has grown over the possible effects that dairy and soy may have on creating inflammation within the body.  This inflammation may impede one’s workout goals and overall wellness, and after an increasing demand for a clean, scientifically sound protein supplement we have ditched the udder, and created a line of No Udder Protein Supplements—truly like no other!



Dr Steve Muscari

A self-declared “health nut”, I wanted to offer the best alternative to the most popular dairy and soy-based protein on the market.
While quality, taste and texture were of the utmost importance, so was keeping production in my home state of Florida. With some brainstorming and research, No Udder Protein was discovered in 2013.
We are filled with pride for our product, and humbled to be on this journey, helping to refuel people so they can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
All The Best,
Dr. Steve Muscari

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Word on the Street

"I've tried numerous protein powders and this one was far and above the best. After weight loss surgery I discovered that many of the protein powders out there contain milk and soy, sadly I was unable to tolerate them. Then I found No Udder Protein and within a week my gastric symptoms resolved, it was such a relief. I really like the chocolate powder, blends well, has good flavor with a consistency that's not gritty. I have a shake every morning. I highly recommend this amazing product, especially for those who suffer with food allergies like I do."

Cindy S.

"I love this product. I was looking for a dairy free proteins that would complement my diet and workout and this is exactly what I needed! The first thing I noticed was how easily it blended together. I used a shaker with water the first time and didn't have any issues with clumping; all mixed in completely. It was even better when I put it in a blender with my normal morning shake. Flavor is great too, no gritty powder taste. I will be sticking with No Udder Protein from now on!"

Justin R.



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