Benefits Of Going Dairy-Free

Dairy just isn't dairy anymore. While it was considered a quintessential source of nutrients, many individuals have changed their views on dairy. Slowly but surely, individuals are converting to a dairy-free lifestyle.

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Does Dairy-Free And Lactose-Free Mean The Same Thing?

Dairy-free and lactose-free are separate domains, and never the twain shall meet. You may hear dairy-free and lactose-free used interchangeably, but dairy-free and lactose-free refer to two different things.

Lactose is a natural sugar that is in dairy products. Therefore, a lactose-free label tells the consumer that lactose was removed from the dairy product during the manufacturing process.

In contrast, a dairy-free label means a product contains no dairy.

Is It Healthy To Be Dairy-Free?

At the thought of hearing dairy-free, most of us think, how can I live without dairy? I've always been told that drinking milk gives you healthy bones and teeth. How can I obtain calcium?

Believe it or not, a dairy-free lifestyle is healthy. Yes, dairy has health benefits, and it is a part of a major food group. However, in the same way, meat is not an obligatory part of our diet; dairy is not a mandatory part of the human diet.

Several health benefits associated with dairy products can also be found in plant-based sources. For example, soy, beans, lentils, peas, specific nuts, and seeds are all great sources of calcium.

Benefits Of Going Dairy-Free

Whether you have made or considering making the switch to a dairy-free lifestyle for ethical, health, environmental, reasons a dairy-free lifestyle has benefits. In fact, there are probably more benefits associated with dairy products than you realize.


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